Research teams at the Hong Kong based, Sanlida International Healthcare Products Company have been hard at work developing new products that stimulate hair growth. The company, in conjunction with several experts on traditional Chinese medicine, have spent years refining and developing new and innovative ways to combat hair loss and renew follicle growth.

By using traditional herbal medicines such as hinese angelica, lingusticum wallichii, tuber of multiflower knotweed, natural ginseng, saffron crocus and fruit of Chinese wolfberry; The Sanlida International Healthcare Products Company has managed to develop the most effective hair loss product to date. Evergreen hair regenerator is the product of intense research and experimentation. By combining traditional herbal remedies with highly sophisticated carbon-dioxide extraction technology, Evergreen hair regenerator manages to stop hair loss and reactivate dormant hair follicles. Essentially it reverses the effects of hair loss. Evergreen is a great hair loss treatment for women, and one of the best hair loss treatments for men.

With the proper application Evergreen hair regenerator can stop hair loss within only five days of its initial use. Within fifteen days the formula can stimulate hair growth so that new hair has begun to grow in. By using the twice daily spray application of Evergreen hair regenerator, individuals can begin to see amazing results.

Unlike many other hair growth substances Evergreen hair regenerator is odorless, colorless, and all natural. The formula contains a large concentration of biologically active ingredients which can stimulate the capillaries to increase blood circulation. Additionally the treatment can improve upon the various functions carried out by mucous membranes, helping to yield better results in a shorter period of time. Evergreen hair regenerator can directly diffuse through the scalp and combat any dysfunctions occurring within the structural portion of the hair follicles. This means that the capillaries, the nerve system, the hair papillae, the pigment conversion cells, and the sebum secretion channels can all be repaired and revitalized.

Since its market debut in 2007, Evergreen hair regenerator has been used to help treat tens of thousands of cases of alopecia. The substance


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